Testimonials About YourCity.MD's Websites

  • "Patients nationwide are now using the local .MD city sites to find doctors who meet their expectations for delivering quality medical care. This is a growing trend that will continue given the challenges that patients face in accessing local healthcare services."
    - W. Grant Stevens, M.D., F.A.C.S., Medical Adviser for YourCity.MD LLC & leading cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon in Marina del Rey, CA
  • "Employers Health recommends to its members and their employees YourCity.MD as a trusted source for finding a patient-centered medical home physician practice. In addition, consumers can view patient ratings and utilize a new doctor compare feature."
    - Christopher V. Goff, Esq., CEO & General Counsel, Employers Health Purchasing Corporation, Employers Health Coalition, Inc.
  • "Since being on Cincinnati.MD, my practice has gotten busier and we increased revenues by a significant amount over the past year. Patients are finding me easier and the SEO optimization for my office shows up in .MD searches all over the web. We have even had to hire additional staff in the office to help us go forward."
    - Fred H Peck, DDS, AAACD
  • "Dr. Now™ allows prospective patients to interact and find/exchange information with my office conveniently & without occupying staff time or telephone lines."
    - Israel Kochin M.D., Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Visiting Attending, Mount Sinai Medical Center
  • By working closely with YourCity.MD, Employers Health Coalition brings a powerful health care search engine to its members' finger tips. Now finding a Patient-Centered Medical Home is just a click away.
    - Craig Osterhues, Health Care Executive & Employers Health Coalition Board Member
  • We are proud to be The First Market in New England to offer this www.Worcester.MD Hyper-Local Health and Medical Resource to both the residents of Central New England AND The health and medical professionals. The results seen in other parts of the country with this One-Click resource have been most impressive.
    - Dave Bedard, Producer/Senior Account Manager, Charter TV3
  • I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your encouragement of my involvement in www.Cincinnati.MD. I have been providing Animal Care information to the public for over 6 months and have seen an increase in new clients and have increased our revenues by nearly 10%. I am particularly pleased that I am able to give back to the community by sharing my expertise in Veterinary Medicine. Considering that www.Cincinnati.MD is primarily on the Human Medicine side I feel it is a testament of the company's depth and outreach that as a veterinarian I got such a dramatic response.
    - Dr. Peter Hill, DVM, Veterinarian
  • As our broken health care system looks to alternative ways to deliver quality medical care while lowering the spiraling costs, there is a significant part of the solution with the .MD sites in over 500 cities across America. It is now easier to find top rated providers for patients by using their innovative One-Click search engine as a single health care resource linked to all their local directories. For health care providers, .MD is the most effective and economical way of attracting new patients and which also provides important patient feedback...thus, eliminating lawsuits and solving any complaints quickly.

    It is for these reasons, and more, that I recommend .MD to my clients...and most recently consulted with Health Focus TV, a digital online TV station with seven channels focusing on the over 100 million chronic pain suffers in America, and recommended they partner with .MD. The combination of the .MD network throughout the country, and this online health TV station, is the most effective way of reaching this vast audience and providing the necessary health care they all so desperately need.
    - Donald G. Lightfoot, MBA, CEBS, CLU, President & CEO The Grant Group
  • Having founded the National Fibromyalgia Association, (NFA) a non-profit organization working to help patients to get the medical assistance they need and deserve. I became acutely aware of the patient's needs for specific resources that would help them on their journey to wellness. The number one question that our constituents asked us was, "How can I find a health care provider in my city that will fit my needs and be able to provide me with the information and treatments that can help me to feel better?" At times our organization would get up to 500 of these calls in one week, and our "HCP Directory" was limited. We asked ourselves, what is the solution? Where could we refer these people and feel confident that they would have access to a "patient rated" resource that would be easy to use, and provide them with information on the top rated HCP's in their city. We finally found the answer! "www.YourCity.MD". This site was the top notch, easy to use, provider of thousands of HCPs and dentists that could help our constituents! And anyone can sign up for their bi-monthly newsletter on their specific illness and it all is absolutely FREE!

    The first time I sent a patient to www.YourCity.MD, I felt like I was able to help that patient in a way I never had been able to in the past. I am pleased that our constituents will have a resource which will help people living with chronic pain (and other illnesses) to find a doctor that fits their needs!
    - Lynne Matallana, Founder National Fibromyalgia Association
  • "My experience with Cincinnati.MD has been excellent. The EXPERT BLOGS and banner ads have given my practice exposure to patients which would not have known about my practice. My practice does NOT market in the newspaper, radio or television. The EXPERT BLOGS have been terrific. This has allowed me to talk about eye subjects which I enjoy, help others learn about eye conditions and give my practice exposure to patients in my area, neighboring states and even throughout the country. In a difficult medical environment, our practice is prospering a great deal due to our internet exposure with Cincinnati.MD."
    - Dr. Robert Benza, MD, Ophthalmologist
  • "As a local expert on Cincinnati.MD I have a unique opportunity to provide to the public my personal view of my area of medical expertise. And they can find it. I would never have thought so many people would find my blogs. I thought no one would be interested and that my blog would be invisible. Man was I wrong. Every time I place a new post I receive comments and emails about it from all directions. My biggest audience, understandably enough, is my current patients with hospital nurses being next. It keeps me connected with my patients and helps sustain my relationship with a broader nursing community. I have no doubt it enhances my reputation in a positive way and it keeps the food chain going as my single biggest non-physician referral source is word of mouth from nurses. Through my posts patients find me. When they research who I am they find my group and, hence, my partners. When this happens we all get more business. Blogging, when done the right way on the right platform, works."
    - Dr. S. Russell Vester, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon
  • "I feel that my experience as an Expert on MyCity.MD has been important to both the viewers and me. Each day I learn something new and have received lots of positive feedback from my thousands of followers, letting me know how much they appreciate my point of view and that they find my insights helpful and in some cases life changing. It is important to share what you know and feel passionate about with others and I try to do this every day. Thanks for all your support and for following my daily health tips!"
    - Paula B., Wellness Expert
  • "My current patients and new patients love the fact they can read testimonials about our office. I now get 1-2 new patients a week from the internet. This increase began after I began advertising on www.Cincinnati.MD."
    - Dr. Carl Rafey, DC
  • "I want to thank all my wonderful patients for leaving me all the great testimonials on www.Cincinnati.MD and as a result of their kind words while most dentists average 3 to 4 new patients a month across the USA, my practice took that average and shattered it, once we started advertising on www.Cincinnati.MD. My new patient average grew to 3 to 4 patients a day."
    - Dr. James Springer, DDS
  • "Since marketing through Cincinnati.MD, our company has experienced record double digit growth two years in a row."
    - John Abbate, Wing Eyecare, Director of Operations
  • "I was able to lower our malpractice fees by 3% per physician with YourCity.MD."
    - Jeanine Brailey, practice manager at Queen City Ear, Nose & Throat Associates
  • "However, from my experience on a locally based rating system, Cincinnati.MD, some patient-rating and feedback systems can be inherently good for physicians and patients alike, especially smaller practices that can use feedback to improve and grow their practice. That said, patient-rating systems need to include a range of fundamental features so that physicians feel that it is fair and helpful to their practice."
    - Dr. Mark Deutsch
  • "The Yourcity.MD process encourages patient feedback and ratings that are locally-based and relevant to my local practice, and we are given the ability to work with patients on any concerns. This is in stark contrast to the other systems that blindly post negative feedback that can unfairly taint a doctor's reputation. Plus, the ability to post positive feedback on my Cincinnati.MD Web listing really helped my business. I saw a dramatic increase in patient referrals and within six months of requesting patient feedback after every patient visit, I had to expand my practice to accommodate new patients."
    - Dr. James Springer, DDS
  • "YourCity.MD looks like an excellent opportunity to enhance your footprint and exposure...and with Fox News too. Joe has developed .MD sites in over 540 cities in American and has the rights for .MD in virtually every major city in the world. I believe he has brought his company to the point that it is now a greater force in the general public than other sites...such as WebMD, etc. The potential traffic is considerable...virtually anywhere."
    - Donald G. Lightfoot, MBA, CEBS, CLU, Global Health Care and Environment Consultant and Advisor
  • "The Geo-Targeted marketing opportunity that YourCity.MD presents physicians across the USA is an unprecedented opportunity to market directly and extremely efficiently to patients needing and seeking the type of care you specifically provide in your community without the expense and extreme waste that other global marketing venues offer in their shotgun approach to marketing or the extremely high pay per click search engine model which is unaffordable to most. YourCity's ad model is the most affordable and targeted that I have seen since I started my practice and I highly recommend other physicians and practice managers look into these ad opportunities as well as all their other free pro-medical services."
    - Evan B. Shapiro, M.D., FACOG
  • "Domain names are supposed to be distinctive, descriptive and mnemonic, something you can easily remember."
    "We think .md for health care makes a lot of sense"
    - Scott Finlay, Max.MD's president
  • "YourCity.MD has a proven, scalable model which allows for the quick replication and growth of the company at a low cost. The company's value proposition is that each local healthcare site delivers valuable fee and non-fee based services to a critical stakeholder-local providers-and an important social network to local consumers. Plus, they have the only complete of city sites for geomarketing to the medical community."
    - Ben Dunn, Investment Banker at Covington Associates in Boston
  • "Digital medicine continues to exert a positive impact on the quality patient care. YourCity.MD and Office Ally remove one of the largest barriers to its utilization in the physician's office- namely that of perceived cost. By employing these free tools, doctors can experience its value."
    - Dr. Ron Pion, principal of The Pion Group, a healthcare strategic consulting group and host of Rx Radio: Your Prescription for Health
  • "Physician groups were telling us that they needed a trusted and easy to use doctor rating and feedback system that was free, fair and allowed them to meet pay for performance guidelines and provider profiling requirements."
    "YourCity.MD now gives providers not only a fair doctor rating system that allows them to respond to and fix negative feedback, but the rating system is posted on a local site that has a direct impact on patient care and drives more patients to their office."
    - Brian O'Neill, CEO of Office Ally
  • "As TelaDoc moves to widen its reach to both employers and consumers across the country, our partnership with one of the largest geo-targeted, medical media companies in the U.S. makes perfect sense,"
    "YourCity.MD reaches consumers and employers seeking more affordable and convenient Healthcare options in very discrete markets and cities across the country. As a result of this relationship, more Americans will have improved access to high quality healthcare at lower costs."
    - Jeff Gary, Executive Vice President, TelaDoc Medical Services
  • "What I want to say about the .MD boom? I invested in the future of medicine and my practice by joining the .MD reseller program and purchasing ad space offered by YourCity.MD in several cities across the U.S... I know that the new medical extension .MD is the future of medicine on the Internet and I wasn't going to miss this opportunity to be one of the first in the country to share in the profits from the global expansion of medicine and health care on the Internet with the adoption of the new .MD Top Level Domain, as I and so many of others did when we missed the .com boom."
    - Evan B. Shapiro, M.D., FACOG
  • "Most physicians, understandably, are focused on clinical work and ensuring healthy revenue for their practices, but this tends to make them very reactive when it comes to legal compliance."
    "YourCity.MD's Legal Corner will distill the top issues for doctors and outline proactive steps to protect their business."
    - Orly R. Rumberg, Attorney